The Real Cause Of Back Pain and How To Eliminate It

Have you wondered what is the actual cause of your back pain related suffering? Most people are under the impression that back pain is caused by direct injury or damage to the muscle, joints, or bones of the back. While this is partially correct, the actual answer is slightly more complicated. Whenever our body is injured, we feel pain sensations that are transmitted from special nerve cells in the injured area to the brain. The “path” that these nerve cell transmissions follow to reach the brain vary widely. If the nerve cells themselves are injured or damaged, it is possible that ongoing back pain can persist, even long after the tissue damage is gone.

This type of back pain is extremely common among individuals, and it is easy to understand why the pain persists. If nerve cells are injured or functioning improperly, they can transmit pain signals to the brain, even though there is harm being caused to the body. To make matters worse, the location of injured nerve cells does not necessarily correlate with the area affected. Nerve cells in the lower back may cause pain in the upper back / shoulders, and vice versa.

This pain is relieved and eliminated by locating the source, injured nerve cells, and then healing those injuries. Once the nerve cells begin to function properly, the body will naturally heal itself. Back pain is instantly relieved and typically disappears within twenty-four hours.

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